7 Ways Fishing Benefits Your Health and Well-being

Boys fishing with their fatherResearch shows that stepping outside and into nature can have a beneficial effect, especially when feeling down and spent. Niels Eék, the co-founder of self-development and mental wellness site Remente and an established psychologist, suggests spending some substantial time in nature when you want to improve your mental health.

Different studies looking into the benefits of spending more time in the great outdoors are ongoing. One of them showed that daily exposure to nature could help an individual deal with stress and improve their self-esteem, among other things. The findings of this research were published in the BioScience Journal. According to Eék, it is essential that people with mental health concerns do what they can to reconnect with nature.

Fishing can be a sport or a relaxing pastime activity that helps get you closer to nature. It can be a weekend hobby for the novice or experienced angler, and its benefits in improving mental health and promoting physical well-being are profound. Below are some of the top reasons to go fishing.

1. It Helps You Stay Fit

Fishing is an activity that demands the use of the main muscle groups as well as your mind, lungs and heart. As such, it can suffice as a good workout. For starters, you can pick a fishing spot that is a walking distance away from the road that takes you 15 minutes to get there. The techniques for fishing have some aerobics as you set up, cast off and wind in the fish you catch. Moreover, the many carp or pike that you catch will motivate you to want to fish for more, and you will need to put your arms, legs, core, shoulders and back into pulling them in.

2. Fishing Is Fun Especially with Others

Going fishing for the first time with a friend or a family member can help you discover a new hobby together. Alternatively you can join a local angling club and take part in their competitions too. Taking part in any of their social activities is one way of connecting and making new friends as well as associating with like-minded people. Fishing is one of the best ways to spend the weekend with close friends and family, you can even make a trip of it with carp fishing holidays France.

3. It Increases Your Vitamin D

Fishing is most enjoyable when done under clear, blue skies. It presents the opportunity to top up your vitamin D reserves as you spend some time under the sun having fun as you catch some fish. Vitamin D is essential for the regulation of phosphate and calcium in the body. As such, it helps keep your teeth and bones strong and healthy. Moreover, vitamin D boosts the immune system. It has also been found to aid in battling depression. Make sure to still wear sun cream though, just 10 minutes of sun exposure a day is enough to top up your vitamin D, and burning your skin has negative health implications.

4. Fishing Improves Your Concentration

You may benefit from better and improved concentration if you enjoy going out into the great outdoors to fish. An article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that things such as fishing, walking in nature, resting under the shade of green, leafy trees, as you take in deep breaths of the clean air, can help the brain to concentrate.

5. It Can Help Reduce Stress

More than half of all adults have problems sleeping, then lie awake through the night stressing over different things, one of them being how they can’t sleep. However, spending some time near water bodies has a calming effect that can help some people deal with anxiety. That is why some organisations are incorporating activities such as fishing as part of their post-traumatic stress treatment programs, as well as for other illnesses and emotional disorders.

6. It Improves Your Self Esteem

For most fishing enthusiasts, this is an activity that is all about setting personal goals and attaining them. As such, it can be an excellent way of improving your self-esteem. Learning how to fish can become a lifelong skill that you will enjoy at any age. You most likely may never forget your first catch, and it will be something that uplifts your moods as you talk about it every other time you have a friend tag along for some fishing. The memories that fishing awards you as you engage in it with a friend or loved one are invaluable. It can promote the feeling of belonging, safety, security, and general well-being.

7. Fishing Lets You Unplug

For some people, fishing is a weekend hobby. For others, it can be something they do after work. It presents that perfect avenue for forgetting the computer and emails as well as some of the pending tasks back at the office. You get some fun moments out in nature as you also bag a catch or two that can become a fresh, healthy meal.

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