A Place to Escape

Having a lot of space has proven to be conducive for improving productivity. Actually, it’s one of the factors that improve the office experience for a lot of employees. Having a place to relax is a desirable feature in any work environment. Note, that a place to escape is quite different from quiet zones. The latter are areas where you can go to work when you are looking for privacy or to improve your concentration but they serve the same purpose.

In a regular work environment, mental health is as important as physical health. You need both aspects to keep functioning and remain fully fit. The employer has the important task of ensuring the office environment is safe to work by providing proper lighting and ventilation. The employer also has the responsibility of managing the work and the employee to make sure everything fits in perfectly.

A Room to Relax

Stress usually has a negative impact on your mental and physical health. If you don’t want it to take a toll on you, it’s prudent to combat it immediately. You need to get the strength to walk away or take a break from anything that exhausts you mentally. It might be work that requires more focus or if you are watching too much TV, you need to take a break.

You need a space where you can relax especially with different energy. In many workplaces, there are breakout areas, or office partitioning, with casual sitting spaces where workers are able to get out of their desks and relax. It might just be a few feet away but it works. Some businesses have dedicated spaces in their workplaces with an employee-focussed designs meant to improve the overall productivity.

Intelligent and Nurturing Design

A good relaxing environment has big slouchy sofas and areas filled with plants as well as water features and living walls. All these extra features are gentle on the senses and advocate calm and cool workplaces for the employees. By choosing the right décor, colours and wall art, you can complement a tranquil setting and boost a strong boundary as well as giving out the message of what’s the space is designed for.

Note that, relaxing doesn’t have to be about tranquility. It should be fun and provide alternative activities too. Most of these places have ping pong tables with refreshment stations as well as communal eating places.

Providing a Home Away From Home

Over the years, there has been a move to embrace the style of a boutique hotel and cutting edge coffee shops when it comes to office design. This has been embraced in the tech and creative niches where most office trends are usually hatched. A good relaxing place needs to be homely and artfully created.

However, in some environments there are cushions, slouchy couches, book shelves, low tables and plants which create a scene as well as a warm ambience to make it easy for everyone. It’s just a place where you can relax and be comfortable.

On the other hand, there are rooms specifically dedicated to meditating, napping and prayer. They are mostly referred to as recharge zones where people go for different needs. They are mostly tech-free zones where you can be quiet and thoughtful or practice any other mindful activity.

Any employer needs to provide sufficient facilities for people to carry on their religious activities effortlessly. For instance, the bigger SMEs and corporates have feet washing facilities for Islamic employees. However, it all falls on including everyone to make sure employees are comfortable in a place where they go to everyday. Make sure the place isn’t discriminatory on anyone and whoever chooses to relax there can have peace of mind comfortably.

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