The Ultimate Guide to the Best Girdles, Corsets and Waist Trainers

Is the upcoming S-word making you nervous? Summer – well, what did you think we meant by that? Naturally, summer is the perfect time to jet off to sandy Mediterranean beaches, sip luscious, cold drinks and enjoy mouthwatering BBQ in the back garden. It is a time to attend garden parties and weddings all while wearing bare essentials to keep cool in the summer weather.

If wearing those bare essentials during the scantily-clothed summer months has you nervous, we are here to reassure you that there is nothing to fear. With our guide to girdles, corsets, waist trainers and more you will find all you need to bare your best. Everything at Elle Courbee is hand chosen to offer you the means to show off your curves, feel beautiful and be the confident woman that you are.

Most women have tried wearing control briefs or have donned a corset at least once. When it comes to girdles and other types of shapewear, these same women are unsure as to how to make them work. Below is a list of the shapewear that we recommend along with details about the main areas that they are meant to target.

Get Unrestricted Support from Panty Girdles

Girdles offer a woman the support she needs without restriction so often felt from corsets. Girdles do not have boning. They are made from high-compression material only. We stock a range of girdle styles like control briefs and cycling shorts. You can target and lift your tummy as well as your bottom with them. We highly recommend trying Naturana. This is a feminine panty girdle that provides reinforced support with lovely lace edging.

Transform Your Shape with Waist Trainers

Get the help you need in transforming your figure with waist trainers. These will give you a lovely hourglass figure. The shapewear world has been buzzing about waist trainers as many big Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian have admitted wearing them.

Waist trainers are made to be worn during a workout. They help melt fat away by using a process called thermogenesis. To get the best results from them always wear the right size and never wear one constantly. They are to be worn no more than eight hours a day.

For those new to waist training, our Bodycorset tummy control brief is perfect for shaping your tummy bulge and for eliminating bumps and lumps.

Corsets for Voluptuous Curves

Much like waist trainers, corsets shape you so that you have a gorgeous silhouette. They also promote better posture. Corsets are now as popular as underwear and outerwear and have seen a rise in popularity thanks to endorsements from big-name celebrities. Kim Kardashian recently solidified this popularity with an eye-popping tight corset dress on the carpet of the 2019 Met Gala.

We offer the Shirley of Hollywood satin corset for a more curvaceous figure. It has multi-boning in front and a lace-up back for more flexibility. You will love the beautiful sweetheart bust and the satin white design. You can even opt for it with a G-string to match.

The Undisputed Support from Corselettes

Corselettes are made for today’s full-figured woman. They offer total coverage and work to provide shape enhancement. They support you like a bra and enhance you like a corset. The Smooth silhouette panty corselette is made of a lightweight fabric without wires. Slip it on under any outfit where you need to have support and a smooth silhouette. The three-section hook and eyelets let you adjust it for perfect comfort.

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