2019’s Look at Some of the Coolest Offices in the Uk

An inspirational, aesthetically appealing and enjoyable working environment can boost your daily performance levels at work, especially considering the long hours you spend at the office, even though appearance is not all that matters. An inspirational and encouraging office space is far more important to workers in the UK than being offered coffee and tea for free.

The following is a list of five offices in the UK you should know about in 2019!

The Dr. Martens Offices

Office Highlights: In this office based in Camden, music is the main driving force. You will find Indie, Reggae and Punk themed rooms in this office, in addition to the huge amp wall located in the reception area. “On Air” signs and sound protected recording rooms set apart private spaces from the social areas, which include bleacher seats, video wall and a stage area fitted with a drum set. Well-being rooms designed by office painting and decorating specialists, a creative lab and milkshake-serving-coffee machines are some of the more practical features included in the overall design.

Employee Thoughts: According to a former staff member the employer actually cares about their workers and clients, offers awesome benefits to workers and is an esteemed brand backed by great people.

The Reward Gateway Offices

Office Highlights: Designed to retain, engage and attract staff members, the office space which has been undergoing development over the past one and a half years demonstrates what the company wants to assist their clients achieve. In the cafe you will find the “Be Brave” installation by Tracey Emin, ghd and Aesop products are used by Vipp, a Danish company, to accessorize the office’s gender neutral washrooms, while workers get to pick their desired sitting area as desks are not individually assigned.

Employee Thoughts: Though not always appreciated, the office space in London, great benefits and flexible working conditions all combine to boost the performance of workers through the creation of a positive working environment, according to a staff member. The fact that the dress code is also relaxed is a plus.

The ASOS Headquarters

Office Highlights: Unique patterned wallpaper, modern furniture and fittings and an art deco feel are all part of the Camden based ASOS headquarters housed in a building that was at one point in the past a tobacco factory.

Employee Thoughts: According to a former member of staff, the location, office space, and benefits are simply great. The employee also said that working environment is awesome as the management is dictatorial, giving employees the freedom to work on their ideas.

The Gamesys Offices

Office Highlights: In addition to being offered a variety of sweets, a huge monkey is on hand to welcome visitors at the entrance of the reception area. Fridges filled with soft drinks, wine and beer are littered around the breakout spaces in addition to a pool table. The Christmas celebrations include circus acts and Mexican wrestlers parading around the office in winter. The office not only looks cool but is also fun to be in.

Employee Thoughts: According to a current member of staff, the company has a unique view of the business, and gaming to be specific, offers great pay to its workers and benefits, and has a vibrant and exciting working environment.

The Skyscanner Offices

Office Highlights: Horizontal pods, which are used as individual workspaces, and squad rooms are part of the eccentric workspaces that are at the centre of the experimentation culture at Skyscanner. Workers can play Xbox, foosball or table tennis to relieve some pressure or participate in a Tuesday night yoga session.

Employee Thoughts: According to a current staff member, benefits such as pension, health, yoga classes, bonuses and gym membership discounts are some of the main reasons why Skyscanner is such as great place to work. The autonomous environment created for teams of engineers, designers and project managers to work hand in hand is also a major plus.

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