Ideas on How To Create a Great Utility Room

Utility rooms are usually considered ideal if they take on the qualities of the property owner. For owners who favour outdoor life, utility rooms can be used to hang outdoor clothes, store pet containers or even store dirty shoes. For families, utility spaces can act as a secondary storage for excess pants and pots. They can also accommodate an extra sink or other home appliances. However, for many people, utility spaces are used to free space in commonly used spaces such as the kitchen, or for clearing space for those who want their place to look like a kitchen showroom. Additionally, most people use them to keep clutter out of the main house.

It is no secret that utility rooms can make life more convenient provided that proper planning is done when they are being filled. According to Dom Roberts of the Touch Design Group, utility rooms that are well designed can make life easier for the person performing chores and also make the handling of chores almost pleasurable. According to Dom, for this to happen, utility spaces have to be aesthetically appealing while still functioning effectively.

Below are some top tips that can help you design and create the perfect utility space.

Are You Considering Extending Your Rooms to Create a Utility Space?

If you are considering creating space for a utility room, you should consider the uses that the room will be providing. If, for example, you are installing a laundry gadget, the room should have a door leading outside. This will enhance convenience if you need to go outside and hang your attire. If you are storing food in the utility space, it should be easily accessible from the kitchen so that you do not have to loiter around when getting cooking supplies. If you are creating an extension for a utility room, you should be guided by the existing house plan.

Maximise the Use of the Available Space

You may not need to carry out a home extension in order to own a utility room. Instead, you can get a utility space by partitioning the kitchen and installing a door. However, if you are going to partition the kitchen area, you should not use up too much kitchen space. This can lower the value of your property.

You can also create a utility room by partitioning the garage. If there is too much space in the garage it can be partitioned to act as both a garage and a utility space. Alternatively, you can choose to convert the entire garage into a utility room.

Where is the Best Location to Build a Utility Room?

Most people tend to think that utility rooms can only be located in the ground floor of a property. However, they should be situated where they are most functional.

According to Lisa Melvin of Lisa Melvin Design, if you need a utility room to carry out laundry work, the most ideal location is close to the upstairs bedrooms. In such a location, you can easily access all the dirty laundry and after washing, you can return it to the appropriate rooms without a lot of hassle.

If you choose to build your utility room upstairs, you should consider finding a space to act as boot room on the ground floor. This room can be used to store wet clothes and muddy boots. Lisa Melvin also recommends the addition of a small shower to the boot room. Here, you can wash the dirt from pets, equipment and shoes. Additionally, you can also wash up in the shower if you do not want to bring dirt into the main house.

What Should You Do When There is Limited Space?

If there is insufficient space in your property, you can choose to keep a utility cupboard in your kitchen. However, with a kitchen cupboard, you will not be able to separate chores such as cleaning and cooking properly. Alternatively, you can consider finding an unused space to keep the utility cupboard such as under the stairs. When choosing a location for a utility cupboard, you should ascertain the access to drainage facilities, water and electricity.

Utility spaces can also be created in the existing rooms in the house. For example, Lisa Melvin keeps her laundry machines in the guest bedroom and the arrangement works for her. She also advises that in European countries, it is not uncommon to see washing machines installed in bathrooms.

Plan Your Utility Room

Utility rooms mainly act as storage areas. As such, the available space should be kept orderly. When making a plan on how to store things, you should be guided by your needs. The ideal storage system should favour your lifestyle.

In order to maximise the space in a utility room, you should use full-height cupboards as they can also accommodate tall items such as boards, brooms and mop. Tony, a design professional, likes to include a lot of drawers where supplies can be stored in an orderly manner. He has created utility rooms with a lot of many drawers to the satisfaction of many clients.

Steve recommends that a shoe and coat storage place should be set aside in a utility room if it is going to be used as an access gateway to the outdoors. To make life easier, you can even add a bench in the utility room to rest on as you are taking off your boots.

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