The Coolest Office Locations in the UK in 2019

It is imperative to have a suitable working environment. An inspiring working space can be of massive impact on the kind of performance that one delivers. Most people spend most of their time in their offices, hence the need to create a remarkable working space. Employees within the UK require a space that will motivate them in achieving their best, not just a place that offers free coffee and tea. Babyfoot UK can provide foosball tables, or maybe you want an Xbox or a PlayStation in the lounge? There’s lots of ways to make an office that employees actively enjoy going to every day – below are 5 UK offices to acknowledge in 2018!

Dr. Martens

The Office: Based in Camden, this workspace bases its appeal on music. It has a well-amplified wall reception that has various themes based around genres such as punk, reggae, and indie. The office also offers a variety of social space which has a stage area with drum kits, video walls, and bleacher seating. It also provides a mixture of private spaces like recording rooms that have quality sound protection and an “ON AIR” sign. There are also practical elements such as a creative laboratory, well-being rooms, and a coffee machine capable of delivering milkshakes.

Employee comments: “A well-designed workspace that offers a lot of staff benefits. It is staffed by amazing people. A place that cares about the welfare of the customers and staff.” – Former Employee

Reward Gateway

The Office: A fascinating workspace that staff can choose their sitting position other than being assigned desks. Also, this workspace offers gender-neutral bathrooms with facilities decorated by Vipp (a Danish company) and products from AESOP and GHD. It took eighteen months to achieve the kind of elegance that you find in this office. This makes it appealing to the customer and a place that can retain its employees.

Statement from employees: “The Company has approached into creating an environment that brings the best out of the employees – a flexible space that surpasses other London offices. It creates a lot of happiness when one is at work, which is not an easy thing. Speaking out of honesty. It is a pleasure that I do not have to wear a suit while going to work!”


The Office: A former tobacco factory with headquarters situated in Camden. Provides a funky modern approach to design which includes modern furnishings, natural light, and patterned murals.

Take from the employees: “A space that gives the freedom to adopt any idea that seems good to you. Fantastic employees and workmates to work for and work with. Employees who are genuine leaders other than dictatorial micro-managers. A great place that offers the maximum benefit worth your time and expenses.” – Former Employee


The Office: As soon as you enter the reception, you will notice a huge monkey and lots of sweets for your taking. During breakfast, you will not miss finding a fridge full of soft drinks, wine and beer, and a pool table as well. During the winter season, you will find circus acts or Mexican wrestlers around which adds up as part of the Christmas celebrations. In simple terms, this workspace offers a cool and fun place to work.

Comments from workers: “A place with competitive prices, amazing benefits like bonuses parties and discounts. An office that appreciates diversity and thriving work environment that uniquely conforms with general and gaming business” – Current Employee


The Office: A place that bases its aesthetic appeal on experimenting with extraordinary workspaces that meet different cultures. Includes ‘squad rooms’ that offer group spaces and individual pods that offer dedicated spaces. Employees can relax by taking subsidised wellness classes (yoga classes held on Tuesday nights). One can also blow off steam by playing Xbox, table tennis and football.

Opinion from employees: “Skyscanner offers a great space to work. Apart from the numerous benefits such as mindful classes, yoga, gyms, and pension, one can find a lot of reasons to work in this place! A team squad can be of great help in tackling issues, working with project managers and designers. It also provides an individual environment that is great; that is equally important.” – Current Employee

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