The Coolest UK Offices Of 2019

Looks are not everything, yet when considering the amount of time that you spend in a working environment in your office every week. A space that is fun, inspiring, and great to look can contribute to a significant difference in how you go about your daily tasks. The employees in the UK expect a lot more than perks such as free coffee and tea, they need spaces that will keep them motivated to keep achieving at their best.

Here is a list of 5 UK offices for 2019:

1. Dr. Martens

The Office: Music makes up the heartbeat of this Camden-based branded office. In addition to the large wall-amp in the reception area, all the meeting rooms are themed around different music genres like Indie, Reggae, and Punk. There are also a number of social spaces that includes bleacher seating, a video wall, drum kits, a stage-area, combined with spaces that are more intimate like recording rooms filled with “on-air” signs and sound protection. A few elements that are more practical include innovative coffee machines that deliver milkshakes, along with well-being and creative lab rooms.

What Are Employees Saying: A former employee left a review stating outstanding staff benefits, a well-respected brand, amazing people that really care for their staff and customers.

2. Record Gateway

The Office: An 18-month revamp eventually gave way to a brand new office space that embodies what this company strives for when it comes to helping their customers to achieve each day which includes engaging with, attracting, and retaining employees. The staff has a choice in where they prefer to sit rather than assigned desks, along with general-neutral bathroom spaces accessorised by the Danish company Vipp along with products from GHD and Aesop. There is also a Tracy Emin installation known as “Be Brave” in the Café.

What Are Employees Saying: One staff member stated that this company’s approach towards creating an office environment where employees are able to achieve their best when at work, benefits and flexible working and a London office is easy to take for granted. Yet this really does make a huge difference when it comes to how content you feel in the workplace. He also states that he is really happy that he is not required to wear suits to work.


The Office: The ASOS headquarters in Camden is situated in an old tobacco factory, which boasts an art-deco vibe that translates into modern furnishings, natural light, and funky wallpaper patterns.

What The Employees Are Saying: This office grants you the freedom and choice to work on a variety of ideas. The people are also fantastic to work with and for. Leaders that are truly inspiring and not the typical dictatorial micro-managers. Great, location, great benefits, and fantastic office space.

4. Gamesys

The Office: In the reception area you are welcomed by the giant monkey along with unlimited supplies of sweets. In the breakout areas, there are fridges packed with soft drinks, wine, and beer, along with a dedicated pool table. In the winter months, it is possible to see circus acts or Mexican wrestlers roaming around which contribute to the Christmas season celebrations. This office space personifies fun while looking really cool.

What Employees Are Saying: Amazing benefits, competitive salaries, diverse, thriving, and fun working environment. A current employee also states this is a unique outlook when it comes to the industry of general/gaming businesses.

5. Skyscanner

The Office: Experimentation makes up the heart of Skyscanner culture along with workspaces that are quirky, which includes “squad rooms”, along with horizontal individual pods which allow employees to have their own dedicated spaces. Take a break with one of the subsidised wellness sessions, or you can distract your mind with games like foosball, Xbox, or table tennis right inside the office.

What Employees Are Saying: Skyscanner is a really great place to work for. In addition to benefits like yoga, gym discounts, pension, health and discounted self storage facilities near me, there are tonnes of appealing reasons to work for this company. The teams known as squads work together on difficult problems, while the designers work with the engineers and project managers in a completely autonomous environment.

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