You Need This Licence If You Want To Become An Ambulance Driver

Paramedic driver has always been a popular career. And for very good reason. If you ask an ambulance driver why they decided to become one, to begin with, they will tell you that it is an incredible career, where every day is different, and where you learn as you earn. Although there may be some lows at times, there are some incredible highs as well. Among ambulance drivers, there are levels of camaraderie and teamwork that are rarely found in other groups, and after you have left the job, your co-workers continue to be part of your family for life. Honestly, when put that way, being an ambulance driver is more of a calling and less of a job. And now Covid-19 is shining a bright light on how extremely valuable medical staff – including ambulance drivers and paramedics – so it is a great time to start a new career as an ambulance driver.

How Long Will It Take To Become An Ambulance Driver?

It is important to know, that it isn’t a quick process to become an ambulance driver. To begin with, ambulance drivers are all required to be trained as paramedics as well. To achieve this, you will need to undergo lots of medical training. Usually, this is done in phases, divided between working part-time on the job and traditional schooling to learn how to handle stressful stations. It takes about 5 years to finish paramedic driver training, on average, and once you have finished, you will either have a higher diploma or degree in paramedic science.

What Type Of Training Do I Need o Have

In addition to all of the medical training that you need to complete, you also need to obtain the appropriate HGV driver’s licence. That is due to the fact that ambulances are classified as HGVs and you will need to go through HGV training. Therefore, you will need to know how to properly and safely operate them. Specifically, you will need to obtain a C1 licence. It allows you to drive all vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tonnes (modern ambulances weigh5 tonnes). You cannot choose to become a paramedic and not obtain this licence. All paramedics need to be able to drive ambulances. Although this type of work doesn’t necessarily involve a set shift, you will need to take your turn driving the ambulance. That is why you need to obtain a C1 licence. The best thing you can do to get it is to sign up with an established and reputable driver training centre that allows you to fit in your training around the paramedic training that you need to. Or you can choose to take an intensive training course that can get you qualified in as few as 5 days.

Is It Possible To Only Drive An Ambulance?

In order to drive an ambulance, normally you will need to become a qualified ambulance care assistant as well. Paramedic, an ambulance technician, an emergency care assistant, or a patient transport service driver – not only an ambulance driver. So if you decide to enter this career, it is very unlikely that you will be able to only drive an ambulance and nothing else. If you are working on ambulance work’s emergency side, normally you will be involved directly in assessments and providing patient treatments. Therefore, you must be fully medically trained in addition to being driver trained. At a minimum, you will be expected as part of patient transport service to assist patients with getting in and out of vehicles and be knowledgeable about safe transportation and first aid.

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