Three Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency


It can cost organisations both time and money to recruit new employees and despite the strain on resources, it does not always lead to guaranteed results. Employers undoubtedly know the value of top talent – the individuals that can really make a solid difference to the growth and bottom line of the business. For the HR department, it is a real challenge to keep providing a flow of talent into the business and ensuring that the individuals they hire will match the needs and the culture of the company. As well as this, the current job market means that a lot of employers are in competition to get the most experienced and well-suited staff.

So how does a recruitment agency in Brighton help when it comes to hiring professionals? Below are some of the benefits:

1. Talent Identifying

The requirement agency works with both the employers and the professionals who are looking for career opportunities they are able to identify talent. You could say that they are ‘in the know’ and work well between both parties. In addition, recruitment consultants have learned from experience how to avoid hiring the wrong person. This skill is priceless; they are aware of the people who are looking for work, what they can bring to the table and the salary expectations that they have.

The employer first needs to create a vacancy and set out the criteria, then the recruitment agency can get to work in finding suitable professionals. Often, the ideal candidate is someone who is not actively seeking a change of job but would be interested in new opportunities that especially interest them. Recruitment consultants have all the right connections and know-how to seek out such individuals.

A further advantage is how recruitment agencies know each segment of the job market very well and also know the available talent in each location. They also take the time to understand the goals of the employers. This helps them to find a candidate who will be able to fit into the position very well.

2. Advertise the Role in the Right Places

Some employers struggle to receive applications of the required calibre even though they have advertised. They need an employee that has a very particular set of skills yet the CVs they are getting in don’t match up. This can be down to poor marketing; the individuals that have the exact skill-set they need hadn’t seen the advert. If they don’t know that the vacancy exists, they cannot apply.

Recruitment agencies will, of course, advertise the vacancy on the high street and online. However, they will also be active in seeking out professionals who are the right fit for the job description. They may make direct contact with such people, perhaps individuals who they have helped in the past, and invite them to make an application. Even a professional that is not actively hunting for a new job could be tempted by seeing the right advert.

3. Salary Negotiation

When you are an employer, one of your worst-case scenarios is going through the whole recruitment process, finding the ideal candidate, then when the topic turns to salaries and benefits realise that you are at polar opposites. Recruitment agencies are able to assist you to benchmark remuneration by comparing other similar businesses and can also provide excellent resources, such as the Robert Half Salary Guide that will help you to understand current trends. Recruitment agencies will also negotiate salaries as part of the hiring process. They can work with both parties to come to a package that is mutually acceptable. When both parties have a clear awareness of the other’s expectations from the very start, there is a much better chance of success.







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