The Value of Creative Design in Business Strategies


Big data is more than just a buzzword, it’s something many companies are investing heavily into so that they can build data-driven strategies. While there’s a lot of value to big data, one thing that

we often fail to consider is how design can make a difference to customer impressions. Data is of no use if we fail to engage customers before they’ve gotten their foot in the door.

Successful organizations understand that they need to consider not just numbers and data, but also design if they’re going to be able to compete in the modern market.

Design Tells a Story

Good design tells a story. Communication is something that’s vital to any business, and a well-thought-out picture can truly speak a thousand words.

If you know who your target audience is, you can use good design to communicate what your organization is, what it’s doing, and what it stands for across every touch-point. You need to tell a consistent story across your social media accounts, email, and any brick-and-mortar locations you have. If your brand image is disjointed you run the risk of driving customers away.

Visuals are a striking way to leave an impression in the mind of your prospective customers because they can be parsed at-a-glance. The human brain is able to process images around 60,000 times more quickly than it can parse text, which is why so much of human communication is visual.

As a business owner, if you want a strong brand, it’s important to look into that visual communication and have a clear style, image, and message that spans everything about your company from social media and blog posts to packaging, logos, and even memes. If you have that consistency and clarity you’ll be well-positioned to succeed as a brand.

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The Design Advantage

Adobe may be a design company, but that doesn’t mean they’re incorrect when they say that design-driven companies do better. They call it the Design Advantage. Companies that are design-driven don’t just enjoy better revenues, they even retain better talent.

That last point may seem unusual, but it’s easy enough to understand. A company with eye-catching content and a clear brand have put a lot of thought into communication and that pays off at all levels. As the digital age gathers momentum, content marketing, and social media marketing become increasingly important. Companies need to embrace those things if they’re going to stay as market leaders.

As digital communication becomes more important and more commonplace, content marketing and social media are becoming not just additions to marketing tactics, but the core tactic used by many companies. If you want to remain engaged with your audience, you need to learn how to communicate on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Text alone won’t do. Video and images are everywhere, even on platforms that were previously dominated by text.

According to one recent survey, 71% of companies now report that they create 10x the amount of content marketing and social media assets today than they did a few years ago. They’re doing this in response to customer demand because their customers expect to see that kind of content and view that content as being an important part of the consumer experience.

Companies that fail to invest in design, either because they feel it isn’t important, think it can’t be measured, or don’t see how to tie that investment with ROI will fall behind. Whether you’re in an emerging industry or one that’s relatively mature, it’s important you invest in every aspect of your business, including design because that’s how you’ll build a future.

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