Is Hospitality Giving Consumers What They Want?


In almost one year, Covid changed everything we knew about the world. One of the main things that also changed is <a href=”,00%20and%201%3A30%20p.m.”>the way that consumers eat</a>. Besides, their behaviours and attitudes also drastically changed. This led the hospitality industry to the perfect opportunity where they can now alter everything about their marketing and services to deal with the recent trends.

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All of this is to meet the demands now created by evolving consumers. To fully understand what consumers are interested in outside of the hospitality industry, it’s a good idea to examine the things that they order. One service Deliveroo conducted an interesting survey with the following results:

Eating Habits
* An average of 65% of all customers indicated that they spend a lot more on takeout to give themselves something new to look forward to.
* A whopping 50% suggested that they now order meal kits from restaurants as a Friday night treat. However, it should be noted that most of these orders are usually placed on Friday nights.
* With a lack of child care and <a href=”″>homeschooling</a>, parents now have less time than they did in the past. As such, 43% of parents now see these delivery services as a vital part of their new life.
* During the lockdown period, Chinese, Indian, pizza, fried chicken and burgers became the most attracting orders for most. There was also a higher demand for the cuisines that are usually found in the suburbs such as Mexican, Vietnamese, And Korean.
* More and more customers are now highly reliant on food delivery services. Within the UK alone, the third quarter of 2020 saw a whopping £46.4M in orders. This is a drastic increase when compared to the same period in the past. Brands are doing an excellent job of facilitating these new and increasing demands.

While there has been a steady increase in indoor dining and take-out, consumers are still very eager to get back into their everyday living as they did before the pandemic. Consumers indicated via a McKinsey survey that they do indeed miss both bars and restaurants.

Healthy Attitudes
During the last year, heath has also been on the minds of most individuals. According to a study performed by Web Index, at least 48% of participants admitted that they ate healthier. This was done to increase the health and wellbeing of their physical and mental state during the lockdown.

At least 30% of all adults have also consciously done a better job of eating healthier. The Mintel study also suggested that consumers are now looking into drinks and foods that promote better immunity. Do you think restaurants should shed some light on their healthy menu options?

Mindful Behaviour
In addition to health, consumers have now started to think more about the environment. In a 2021 GWI, roughly 51% of participants have suggested that they prefer to use eco-friendly brands. 59% has indicated that they’re aiming to reduce food wastage and another 46% actively switched to a more eco-friendly brand.

80% of Deliveroo customer have also suggested that they want to support businesses during this thought time in history. However, they still want brands that care about the things that they care about. The GWI has indicated that persons want to see more businesses supporting people during the pandemic. When you make the effort to show your consumers that you care, they will interact more with your brand.

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