What is the Latest iOS 14 Update and How Will it Affect Digital Advertising?

There has been much discussion on how Apple’s newest iOS 14 update will change the way businesses advertise online, particularly how it is going to impact Facebook advertising. Here, experts at Air Social share some of the things you should know going into this update.

What is this Update?

Apple announced that it would be introducing a new set of privacy features baked into its newest update – iOS 14. This update is set to change the way advertisers can track and report data from users.

This newest update will now require users to opt into the collection and tracking of their data. It will do this using Apple’s built-in device identifier that advertisers use. This means that any user is going to see an opt-in pop-up similar to how websites will ask visitors if they want to be tracked by accepting cookies.

The newest iOS 14 policy is bound to prohibit data collection and sharing strategies unless the user specifically opts to track themselves through this prompt.

What is the Unique Identifier for Apple’s Devices?

The Identifier for Advertisers or (IDFA) is an assigned number for Apple devices that links directly to the device it is assigned to. That way, advertisers can deliver custom advertising to it should the user opt-in.

The data is used for various things, including discovering how and when the user interacts with their device and advertisements.

How is it going to Affect Advertisers with Facebook?

The newest update is bound to impact the way advertisers track conversions and target users. After all, it will impact how Facebook can both acquire and process information from different tools like Facebook’s pixel.

Before the update, IDFAs were readily available for the majority of Apple users. However, that percentage is set to drop significantly with the newest iOS 14 update. After all, a user must now choose to opt-in which is less likely. Thus, advertisers won’t have the same large pool of users for which they can optimise their advertising for. This can negatively impact the way businesses can market themselves and maximise conversions through online advertising.

When will the Update Come Out?

Apple has continued to push back the update several times. This is to be expected given its ramifications and scope. However, Apple has noted that it’s going to be integrated into iOS 14 and that it will be mandatory for apps to comply by early spring.

What Should Advertisers Do?

While much of the industry is still awaiting further instructions from Apple as to how they should adapt to meet the requirements for it, there are certain things you can do as a Facebook advertiser.

Facebook has recently come out with a brand new domain verification feature that requires any website that has advertising to go through the ownership verification process. This domain verification process is very simple and easy to follow. That being said, it requires you to enter a piece of code into your site.

Facebook has argued that it doesn’t expect this update to have much of a negative impact at all. They argue that both personalised tracking and maintaining optimal user privacy can go hand-in-hand and that the way Apple is implementing the newest update will negatively impact small businesses the most. While Facebook will prominently display Apple’s prompt as per instructions, it will also share its prompt that will detail information about how they use personalised advertisements for the user’s benefit.

If you accept these prompts from Facebook and Instagram’s apps, the advertisements you see will not change. However, if you decline them, you’ll start to see less relevant ads overall.

If you are concerned about how the latest update is set to negatively impact your digital advertising, the professionals over at Air Social can give you the support and direction you need. Contact one of our experienced professionals right now.

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