What Exactly Is the 11 Plus Exam?

The 11 Plus Exam is also known by other names like Eleven Plus, 11+, or Grammar School Test. If you are unsure exactly what the 11 Plus Exam is, you can find out more about it in this handy guide that will help you understand the process better, whether you already know about it or have no clue what it means.

Basically, the 11 Plus Exam is a selective entrance exam available to pupils in year 6 of the school system. Before the 1970s, all school pupils were given the 11 Plus test, however, it is no longer considered compulsory to sit the exam. The test is typically used by grammar schools and selected independent schools to help identify academic potential and ability. In England, there are currently more than 160 grammar schools. Although the 11 Plus Exam was officially disbanded in 2008 in Northern Ireland, many ‘ex-grammar’ schools still use the Transfer Test to select by ability. If your child is taking 11 plus mock exams then please contact Marie Redmond for the best tuition available.

Does the 11 Plus Exam have a Set Pass Rate?

The pass rate varies across the country. For example, in some popular schools, as many as 30 pupils may be competing for a place and the rate will differ according to the competitive nature of the school. Because the tests are administered by different exam boards, the pass rate will also differ between the boards. You can find exam information related to each school to put your mind at rest.

What Type of 11 Plus Test will your Child be Expected to Take?

There 4 main subjects that are tested in 11 Plus Exams include:
– Verbal Reasoning
– Non-verbal Reasoning
– English
– Maths
The combination of these subjects will vary across grammar schools in a particular area and the length of the exam and layout of the papers will also vary across different exam boards and areas. Your child may be expected to do a combination of some of the four, or all four.

Will Your Child Have to Sit More than One 11 Plus Exam?

The most select grammar schools may require pupils to sit for more than one round of tests within their 11 Plus Examinations. The exams will consist of more than one paper which can sometimes be taken on the same day with a break in between. Some schools prefer to have the tests done over a couple of days.
Some grammar schools form a consortium with other grammar schools whereby a pupil who has passed one set of exams successfully will be eligible to apply to the rest of the grammar schools in the group. Your child can of course apply to different grammar schools that do not form part of a consortium, however, they will then have to sit for several sets of tests.

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