If you have a Nanny at your household, this can be beneficial for your entire family, especially if you have never had kids before. It could be difficult to hire one, but it really isn’t as difficult as it would seem. It really depends on your particular comfort level, how much money you have, and the time that you will want to spend researching and potentially working with an agency.

Choosing a nanny vs. day care

The type of childcare that you choose should be a personal decision – what somebody else in your family has done may not be the best choice for you. You could opt for using a daycare facility, plus in-home facilities might be an option, yet getting a nanny might be the best choice. Payroll for Nannies offer services to help you in this process.

How to hire a nanny

Create a job description

Prior to embarking upon your quest to find the perfect nanny, your family concerns should be of primary importance, and you should convey those on your job description.

The number of hours that they will need to work, as well as when they will start and finish, should be on this document. What type of experience do they have in this industry? Do they know CPR for infants? Is English their second language? Will the nanny that you choose do child-related tasks, use a diaper genie, or go grocery shopping? What you are looking for in these individuals should be presented clearly.

Find a local candidate

There are many ways that you can locate these professional nannies. It is advantageous to talk with other people that could provide you with the recommendation – perhaps asking people that you know at a group meet-up or at a playground can be helpful. There are also nannies that are no longer needed because of the age of the children – which means that they will have the experience necessary potentially for your children to provide them with proper supervision.

Set up an interview

It is very helpful to narrow your list quickly, schedule interviews, and begin to learn more about each one of these potential candidates and the style that you can expect from each one of them. The questions that you will ask will pertain to their education, background, training, and you may also ask more personal questions.

Many of these questions are the ones that you should ask: Why are you a nanny? Is this something you see yourself doing for many years? Do you have a flexible schedule? How would you handle a potential emergency? All of these questions can help you understand more about their commitment to the job, their personality, and how much experience they truly have.

Always call the references

One of the most important steps is to contact the references that they provide – it is vital that they have good recommendations from prior employers. By requesting this contact information, you should be able to narrow down your final choices to just a couple of people.

Consider doing a background check

It might be necessary to not only check the references of the nanny but also do a thorough background check – this is true even if you have found them through an agency that has likely done one as well.

In order to do this, you will need their permission and information such as their Social Security number, full name, and also their driver’s license. Check the National Sex Offender Registry to make sure they are not on it, as well as Child Abuse and Neglect Records at the same time. If they do originate from a foreign country, it is still possible to do a background check. If they do not allow you to do this, you may not want to hire them.

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