Why Specialist Security Fencing Is Needed In Prisons

If you want to protect any perimeter of a facility, whether this is a business or a building, you need to have some form of security fencing. It provides the physical barrier that is necessary to prevent people from breaking it, yet it can also serve psychological purposes. Prisons typically have this security feature for one reason – it keeps inmates not only inside, but prevents intruders from breaking it. Although most people will understand this, you may not realize that by using a specialist security fencing system, which the Ministry of Justice has already approved, this can be a very good idea.

What are the key features of this type of fencing?

There are very hard to scale

When you look at the highest quality perimeter fencing, in truth, it’s very difficult to go over, yet specialist prison fencing is the best. It is designed with a close mesh design, which means there are no handholds or footholds that can be used by those trying to go over the fence. This perimeter fencing, for each person that tries, is very difficult, if not impossible, to scale. So naturally, inmates will not be able to escape, and those trying to steal items from the prison grounds cannot go over the fence.

It is very tough to cut through

Any fence that a person cannot scale, they will typically try to cut through it. Specialist prison fencing is designed to resist this, and can only be breached if there is sustained use of the very best heavy-duty power tools. Even if this works, the security team that you have on hand will hear the noise, thus leading them to that location. This will prevent them from leaving and they can be dispatched quite easily. See here for JB Corrie.

How to install one securely

These fences are designed to keep prisons safe because of the way they are constructed. Steel cladding is part of the design, which is why, for example, it adds extra protection plus it is double skinned as well. Essentially, it makes it very difficult for anyone to break through it. There are also fence panels that are installed which will make going through the fence even more difficult. These are fixed on the secure side, specifically to specially designed posts, which is what will prevent intruders from using tools at removing them. All of these factors contribute to why they are so safe and secure.

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