What To Do With Leftover Scraps of Fabric

If you make or sell products made of fabrics, you will invariably find yourself collecting a large amount of odd, shaped material scraps. But before you choose to donate, sell or, worse yet, discard these pieces of material, take a moment to consider all the things you could do with them. make

Unlike many of the other scrap craft materials —like paint, glue or markers— fabrics can withstand many years of storage and still maintain good conditions. It is never a bad idea to hang on to these pieces of fabric for a wide variety of projects. The great diversity of colours, tones, textures and patterns will allow you to make good use of these scraps in future projects.

These mismatched pieces of material can make perfect patches for clothing or a great selection for patchwork quilts. You can also create small satchels, pouches and even stuffed dolls and animals that look amazing and bring joy to kids and collectors of all types. You can even celebrate the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s with terrific scrunchies for retro hairdos.

There are just so many things you can do with the leftover pieces of fabric for your hobbies or jobs.  Never throw away an exclusive or luxurious piece even if it is just a scrap such as Mulberry silk fabric UK, there is so much you could get from this even if its a small piece. You can even hand them over to your kiddos and students and allow them to practice their own sewing skills and expand their imagination. Show them all the possibilities by engaging them with simplistic projects with beautiful results — there is hardly a better way to improve skills.
Here are some easy and engaging activities that can be done with the leftover pieces of fabrics you have collected.


Back in middle school, scrunchies were an essential fashion item for most people. This trendy fashion statement can be brought back to life with all the flare and fun of the 80s and 90s. Sew these fabrics into scrunchies a great gift for friends and family.

Sleep Mask

Block out the world and get some sleep with an attractive and comfy sleep mask. You can choose some of the softer fabrics like felt or cotton flannel to create and easy-to-sew face mask. These are also great gifts for those friends and family members who struggle to get rest.

Drawstring Pouches

You can sew a few pieces of fabric together to create soft drawstring pouches that can hold trinkets, delicate objects, small pieces for games and gifts. Make over the top colour combinations with carefully selected pieces of fabric and don’t forget the drawstring, which makes closing and securing the pouch easier.

Jewellery Bags

Small pieces of fabric are perfect to create a well-appointed jewellery roll. This is a good way to organise and protect pieces of collected jewellery. Small pieces of tightly woven cotton ribbons can be added to hold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in place. A drawstring pouch is the perfect way to protect and care for small rings.

Flower Pin

Leftover shirting fabrics are a fun sewing craft. Simply trace out the shape of the flower on a few pieces and stack them up. A small felt circle will make the centre of the flower and hold the fabrics together. Just attach a pin to the back and —voila! — a perfect gift for that special someone.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are a possession that is dear to the heart but can suffer from attrition after a while. Fix these up with a carefully selected piece of fabric. You can add a patch in the form of a heart, cloud, cupcake or star and include the child’s name. The life and charm of the toy will be extended indefinitely.
It is inevitable to collect a variety of fabric scraps, but there is no need to let them go to waste. The ideas found here are perfect and ensure that nothing goes to waste.

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