CBD Oil – What Is It And What Benefits Does It Have?

What Is CBD?

It is a compound that contains cannabinoids and is retrieved from hemp plants. CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, which means that it does not produce a state of highness that is associated with the hemp plant. Using CBD does not alter the user’s state of mind. It does, however, have some benefits on the body when used and more researchers are finding new ways to use it for medicinal purposes and therapeutic uses. So far, there has been evidence that it helps people that have certain ailments. CBD is extracted from the hemp plants then mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil, and this mixture is what is known as CBD oil. Each mixture contains different concentrations of CBD and the consumers get to pick the concentrations that are suitable for their (consumers) needs.

What Is Raw CBD Oil?

This is the oil in its unextracted, unrefined state. That means that it contains all the natural compounds from the plant. These are such as small plant materials, fats and lipids, terpenes, and chlorophyll. It may also contain some cannabinoid acids since it has not undergone the heating process. CBD oil in UK is legal and comes in both raw and refined formulas.

How CBD Works

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system that is a part of the central nervous system. When CBD is used on the body, the cannabinoid receptors receive the prompts and produce different results depending on the cannabinoid used.

The human body has two receptors;

One, the CB1 receptors. These are present in all parts of the body but are concentrated in the brain. These are the ones that give signals when the body needs to make movements or is in pain. They also affect emotions, moods, appetite, memories, thoughts, etc.

Two, the CB2 receptors, which affect pain as well as inflammation. They are located mainly in the immune system.

When CBD oil is used on the body, the receptors are stimulated and the body is prompted to produce endocannabinoid, the body’s natural cannabinoids. Note that these parts are not dormant, but the CBD oil enhances the way they work through the body.

How Is CBD Taken?

Tinctures(soluble) And Oil Products

When in this form, the CBD oil is placed under the tongue where it is absorbed by the body fast and efficiently. The tincture or oil products should be placed under the tongue for about a minute and a half for proper absorption. It is a quick method of getting CBD oil into the body and the effects of these forms last for about four to six hours. CBD oil can also be mixed into food or drinks and consumed in that manner.


These are containers that have the CBD oil inside and are coated with a substance to ease swallowing. CBD oil that is ingested using these forms lats for longer periods than the tinctures and oil products as the effects are felt for about ten to twelve hours. This is the best option for people that are looking to have the effects last longer. There are also CBD oil water-soluble that can be mixed into beverages for consumption.


These are creams that work to moisturise the skin but have the CBD oil infused so the skin can absorb it.

Benefits Of CBD

Since the oil helps the mind and body stay calm, it is used for patients with the following conditions:

Arthritis/ joint pain
Anxiety and depression
Chronic pain
Insomnia and other sleeping disorders
Multiple Sclerosis
Certain lung conditions

Is CBD Oil Legal?

In the UK as well as most parts of the world, it is legal. However, CBD manufacturers have to follow firm guidelines and communicate the composition of their products to consumers. In the UK, people under the age of 18 are not suitable to use it.

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